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DrumSetlist Manager for iOS & iPadOS

Are you a Drummer / Musician who is playing many gigs in one or more ensemble? 

Need to keep track of the Setlist, know the accurate timing with a Metronome, keep an eye on the lyrics?

Have a midi setup that requires program changes on a song to song basis?

DrumSetlist Manager provides all that and more features to free the musicians mind so you can concentrate on your performance while on stage.

Play screen

iPhone Play Screen
iPad Play Screen
iPhone Preset Editor

Preset Editor

Chain Editor

iPhone Chain Editor
iPad Chain List

Organise your songs in presets and chains and check the sequence with the play screen.

Create and edit Presets with a powerful editor. Import iTunes songs and link to your Music Library. 

Create and edit Chains for shows, practise and playlists.

Stage Play screen

iPhone Stege Play Screen

When on Stage you have access to all important functions for your live performance.

You can fully concentrate on your playing. 

Supports  Handsfree song switching with foot switches through AirTurn and iRig Blue-board support

Stage Info screen

iPhone Stage Info Screen

Have the Lyrics and Song sequence in sight and scroll with an attached foot pedal. 

Stage settings screen

iPhone Stage Settings Screen

Change volume, Panorama and track on/off settings while in stage mode.

iPad Play screen

iPad Stage Play Screen

Utilising the big screen of the iPad for all info right in front of you in the stage screen. 

More Functions:

  • Send Midi Program change commands through any CoreMidi compatible midi extender to your midi device
  • Exchange and backup your database with built in Remote connection support through Dropbox
  • Help system for quick support on each screen
  • Import your songs from your iTunes library on the device into the app
  • Measure your timing while playing, analyse library song speed and get BPM
  • Check the App out with the Lite Version (Limited to 10 Presets)
  • Practise your skills with the built in Practise Manager
  • Configure the app with settings to your needs

User Feedback from the App Store Ratings 

„Great help at every gig. Once you understand the system, the program is structured in a logical and understandable way. For the gig and during rehearsals, the BPM and the lyrics are graphically displayed for the songs. You can tap on to the next song. Everything very practical. Not to forget first-class support for questions about the program. Excellent!“

„The perfect app for all drummers (and other musicians too) looking for a reliable metronome. A reliable companion for practicing as well as for band rehearsals and live use. Searched for such an app for a long time & finally found it!“

„Simply good! someone who knows what a musician needs, absolutely practical, suitable, super programmed and, above all, professional documentation! Thanks Andreas, keep it up“


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