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Practise manager of Drumsetlist Manager
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Practise Manager

With the optional addition „Practice manager“, which you can purchase through the built in InApp Manager, you can practice rudiments, timing and entire songs in an organised way. 

The Practice Manager is a table which organises four different categories of practices for drummers which will enhance your overall drumming performance. It provides measures to add, copy and delete  the several categories of practises.

You can test Practice Manager for 10 days, after that time period you need to purchase the Practice Manager extension through the InApp Manager.

Rudiment Practise

To drummers the 40 essential rudiments are well known. These rudiments are recommended for achieving a good knowledge of the different possibilities for rolls and fills.

With the practice manager you can practice this important rudiments with your iPhone or iPad. The App will play the rudiment for you and you can select to have it played once or in repetition and you can have a click with it if you want.

Timing / OddMeter- Practise your timing

Timing is crucial for drummers. So to practice a steady timing is most important to a rhythm keeper.

With DrumSetlist Managers built in Timing trainer you can practice from very slow too fast with automatic time change, backwards and forwards and repeat and so on. There are several pre setup trainings which can be adapted to your needs. Just  press the button top left with the number of the practice and you get a popup to select the setup.

Practise manager of Drumsetlist Manager
Practise manager of Drumsetlist Manager
Practise manager of Drumsetlist Manager


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