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What are Chains?

A Chain is a collection of Presets which are organised in a sequence to reflect a setlist. With this screen the Chain can be edited, Presets added, printed, and so on.

iPad Chain List

Function Buttons

Directly above the chains Preset list is a block of buttons to manipulate the Preset list.


When selected a Preset Selector appears to add the selected Preset to the list.


With this function the Preset List can be edited: With the red minus the Preset is deleted, with the 3 lines a Preset can be grabbed and moved to another position.

Add All

Through this function it is possible to add all Presets available. The Presets will be added to the Chain in alphabetical order at the end of the Chain.


All Presets of the Chain will be deleted. 


The Preset List of the Chain can be sent via Email through this function. The standard E-mail page with the Preset List as Text is displayed to fill in the receiver of the Mail.

Add C.

Another Chains Presets will be added at the end of the currently edited chain.

Navigation Buttons:

Print Chain

With this function it is possible to print through AirPrint a list of the Presets. A selection popup appears to select the mode how the list shall be printed.

Save Changes

All changes made to the Chain need to be saved before the screen is left.


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