DrumSetlist Manager for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

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Are you a Musician who is playing many gigs in one or more ensembles and need to keep track of the setlist, know the accurate timing, keep an eye on the lyrics and have a midi setup that requires program changes on a song to song basis?

DrumSetlist Manager provides this and more features to free the musicians mind so you can concentrate on your performance while on stage:

  1. AufzählungszeichenLandscape Play screen for performances with current / next song display

  2. AufzählungszeichenHandsfree song switching with foot switches through AirTurn support

  3. AufzählungszeichenImport your songs from your iTunes library on the device into the database

  4. AufzählungszeichenSend Midi Program change commands through any CoreMidi compatible midi extender to your midi devices

  5. AufzählungszeichenExchange and backup your database with built in Remote connection support

  6. AufzählungszeichenHelp system for quick support

There is a Lite Version with limited functionality to check the App out!

!NEW! --- DrumSetlist Manager HD for iPad --- !NEW!

Also here a Lite Version is available ... check it out!

Drumsetlist Manager supports Air-turn - Hands free Preset switching !